1. Travis Hafner

Then: Ah, now the memories are coming back. The former Cleveland Indians designated hitter and first baseman took a turn in the Bronx back in 2013.

Signing a one-year contract with the Yanks, Hafner got off to a hot start in April while batting .318. Unfortunately, that phase quickly passed and Hafner rounded out the season with a .202/.301/.378 line.

But during this time in New York, the Yankees and their fans learned to respect the lifelong Indian. While battling injuries, he still managed to play in 82 games. Although that was not enough to get the Yankees into the playoffs.

Hafner is one of those names that you completely forget played in the Bronx. He didn’t crush home runs or stand out in any particular way. He was a big name that ultimately got lost in the shuffle in his one season in the Bronx.

Now: After his stint with the Yankees, Hafner promptly retired. He had shoulder issues his entire career and it finally got the best of him.

But he’s still part of the game of baseball. Besides cheering on his beloved Cleveland Indians in the Fall Classic, Hafner also participated in the Celebrity Softball game during July’s Eastern League All-Star event.

And he crushed three home runs. Safe to say, the guy’s still got it. Too bad he didn’t make that happen with the Yankees.