Enough with this awful, terrible, horrible, no-good tournament known as the World Baseball Classic. Make it right and we’ll be all-in.

When international competition is cooking, nothing comes close. February of 2010 is a perfect case and point.

World class athletes skated for both Canada and the United States of America. The speed was insane, physicality maxed out and tension at all all-time high.

This is what we witnessed for three-plus grueling periods during the gold medal game that Sidney Crosby capped off in dramatic fashion.

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Vancouver was “lit,” and “lit” is what hockey received for doing things the right way.

Seven years and one month later, Major League Baseball continues to be anything but “lit” when it comes to its international attitude.¬†

On Saturday night, the Dominican Republic stunned the United States of America with a 5-0 comeback victory in the 9th-inning. Former New York Yankees closer Andrew Miller turned out to be a major goat, blowing the save against, probably, the best lineup in the tournament.

It was a very exciting baseball game.

But who the hell cares?

The game means nothing and is further thrown down the toilet thanks to the ridiculous rules and circumstances put in place by the powers that be.

Join us as we examine why, despite tremendous potential, this tournament is a complete fraud. We’ll first bash it, point out the few positives it brings to the table during the current time and then provide Rob Manfred and baseball the keys to how to fix the damn thing and make it as good as the hockey Olympics.

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