Enough with this awful, terrible, horrible, no-good tournament known as the World Baseball Classic. Make it right and we’ll be all-in.

When international competition is cooking, nothing comes close. February of 2010 is a perfect case and point.

World class athletes skated for both Canada and the United States of America. The speed was insane, physicality maxed out and tension at all all-time high.

This is what we witnessed for three-plus grueling periods during the gold medal game that Sidney Crosby capped off in dramatic fashion.


Vancouver was “lit,” and “lit” is what hockey received for doing things the right way.

Seven years and one month later, Major League Baseball continues to be anything but “lit” when it comes to its international attitude. 

On Saturday night, the Dominican Republic stunned the United States of America with a 5-0 comeback victory in the 9th-inning. Former New York Yankees closer Andrew Miller turned out to be a major goat, blowing the save against, probably, the best lineup in the tournament.

It was a very exciting baseball game.

But who the hell cares?

The game means nothing and is further thrown down the toilet thanks to the ridiculous rules and circumstances put in place by the powers that be.

Join us as we examine why, despite tremendous potential, this tournament is a complete fraud. We’ll first bash it, point out the few positives it brings to the table during the current time and then provide Rob Manfred and baseball the keys to how to fix the damn thing and make it as good as the hockey Olympics.


  1. It is a great tournament. All of the best players play except the Americans. Trout, Harper, Kershaw and Syndergaard should be embarrassed for having no sense of national pride. The other issues is traitor’s like Machado who is American born playing for the Dominican Republic.

    • “Embarrassed?” When you decide to play a tournament at the very beginning of an MLB schedule, BASEBALL should be embarrassed for how they “set” it up.

      Thor on regrets of not playing in WBC:

      “No, because I’m a Met. Ain’t nobody make it to the Hall of Fame and play in the World Series for playing in the WBC.”

      If one or two Americans aren’t playing. Fine. But it’s NATIONWIDE, the lack of caring. Why? Because it’s not setup properly. It’s a JOKE to these players, OUR players.

      How can any tournament be classified as “GREAT” when the best aren’t playing and there are LIMITATIONS on pitchers?

      Completely ridiculous.

      The potential is there for “GREAT,” but they gotta set it up properly, in July while shutting the sports down for two weeks.

      Don’t let em off the hook Durst. Can’t classify a tourney as great when the best aren’t involved and limitations are involved.

      • You are wrong. You cannot say it is a phony tournament that no one cares about when EVERY OTHER NATION has tons of all stars from MLB and they all care so much.. Maybe if you watched a few games you would see how great they have been and see the passion and intensity from each team and their fans. Marlins park was sold out for the first time EVER last night.

        Playing in July would be moronic and NEVER happen. The risk for injury would be a lot greater. You think the MLB owners would ever agree to it no? The players would be less likely to play too because it is mid season. That is why MLB players have NEVER played in the Summer Olympics. The NHL players will not be allowed to play in the next Olympics. The tournament should be in November but this isn’t just an MLB tournament, the Cuban, Mexican, Australian, Korean and Japanese leagues are all involved and some of their seasons are played during the winter so as of now March is the only time it could be done, it is the only month that no league is in their regular season.

        The best in the world are playing. Look at the Dominican Republic roster, look at Venezuela’s roster, look at Puerto Rico’s roster. Trout, Harper, Kershaw, Syndergaard etc are all bitches.

        • See, this is where you make a serious mistake… When you say, “Maybe if you watched a few game,” you assume things. You cross that line that shouldn’t be crossed because you have NO FREAKING IDEA if I’ve watched or if I haven’t.

          Keep pretending this thing means something. It doesn’t bother the sensical baseball fans. If you enjoy, god bless.

          But don’t call our American baseball players “bitches” when they are ALL on the same page.

          And no, it IS possible to do it in July. These guys are already in baseball shape and all it takes is to start the season one week earlier and one week later.

          You buy the ridiculous garbage these suits feed you because you are the stooge who believes it’s not possible simply because they “FEED” and sell it to you that way.

          If the NHL can do it, so can MLB. And guess what? When the NHL tried to do it prior to the season, it SUCKED.

          • …here’s the bottom line…if you’re gonna tell me it’s a “great” tournament when the best baseball playing counary in the world could care less about showing up, then there’s really no point in discussing matters further with you.

            I believe it has great potential. If you love it now, I would never say you’re wrong for loving it. There are many positives.

            But a “great” tournament? Come on. You gotta give us the best of the best without limitations for that to happen.

          • You have said you don’t watch the games. The REAL baseball fans are all enjoying it. It means a lot to all of the countries around the world. It is uniting the sport, which is great and beneficial to all parties. Doing it in the middle of an MLB season would be ridiculous! Less players would be willing to play and owners wouldn’t allow it. You think in the middle of a pennant race while your team is at the top of the standings mid-July that Peter Angelos will say sure go take Manny Machado for 2 weeks or that Jim Crane would say sure go take Correa and Altuve?

            Come the All Star break a lot of the players are already beaten down and need that down time to get healthy. You want the regular season starting in March and ending the second week in October? How does that make any sense? It is freezing as is to start and end the season. This would mean less people in the ballpark which would equal less money. The NHL is DONE with the Olympics, Gary Bettman said so.

    • That is silly to say embarrassed. Come on would you risk your $200 to $400 million dollar future contract playing in this tournament if you were Thor or Harper? However I do agree on your point about Machado. that rule needs to be modified somewhat.

  2. Baseball is a business and like any business you have to do what is best for your business. It is not good for the Mets to send Thor nor is it good for Thor to risk his $200 million dollar contract blowing his arm out before he is in game shape. Ditto for Harper and his possible $400 million dollar contract. Therefore my suggestion is to make it a “Catch the Rising Stars” tournament and have all nations send their best AAA players and then quite possible these players would want to show their skill to the world and give it their all without teams having to risk possibly their entire season by having a 40 man roster player getting hurt. I know I would watch that tournament with great interest this time of the year.