The New York Yankees are taking it slow with the recovering James Kaprielian, and the decision couldn’t be more justified. 

New York Yankees prospect James Kaprielian is one of the most sought out prospects in the system. That’s because the Yankees believe he’ll make his major league debut at some point during the 2017 season.

Because the Yankees have high hopes for him, many have wondered when Kaprielian will make his spring training debut.

In order to make sure Kaprielian doesn’t aggravate the flexor tendon injury, the team won’t have their prized pitching prospect pitch in spring games and have him pitch in simulated games before he begins the 2017 season at High-A Tampa.

“I think there’s going to an open line of communication between me and the coaches and the staff all year, and the front office obviously,” Kaprielian said in a recent interview. “I think it’s important that I tell them how I’m feeling. If something comes up where I’m at 120 innings and I’m sore and not recovering the same way, they’re going to be able to see it and ask me about it and I’m honestly going to tell them I’m getting a little tired.”

The Yankees are absolutely right in bringing Kaprielian along slowly. The righty luckily didn’t need surgery for his flexor tendon injury and the last thing the Yankees want to do is have Kaprielian reach for his elbow in a spring training game.

If Kaprielian hadn’t gotten hurt last season, we most likely would have seen him make his major league debut in the Bronx and even though he is starting the season in High-A Tampa, more because of the warm weather in early April, the Yankees have full belief the 23-year-old will rise through the system quickly.

While Kaprielian hasn’t seen any live game action, there’s no doubt the Yankees are impressed with him. Yankees manager Joe Girardi has expressed pleasure in Kaprielian’s changeup, which acts more like a splitter. Kaprielian also mentioned that he throws the circle-changeup differently than most pitchers do.

Kaprielian hopes with his repertoire, he can eventually become a No. 1 starter for the New York Yankees.

“For me personally, I want to continue to work every day and do what I can to be that guy that they trust every five days,” he said. “I know it might take a little more time, and that’s part of the process. I can’t sit here and predict if I’m going to be an ace or something. I’m just going to do my best and try and be one and make an impact and make the guys around me better.”

Kaprielian becoming a No. 1 starter all comes back to the Yankees taking the slow approach with him in spring training. As we all know, slow and steady eventually wins the race.

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