3. Who will win the starting spot in right field?

Their take: By a huge margin, the 6-foot-7 Aaron Judge emerges victorious. It’s not hard to believe since Judge’s performance so far in spring training has been impressive, to say the least. 

My take: Judge will definitely take the starting spot over Aaron Hicks. While Hicks has more experience, he also has never played a full season in the major leagues. Neither has Judge.

Both are starting off with a clean slate and despite Judge’s strikeout issue last season, he seems to have made some improvements to his swing that will allow him to better utilize his power.

Hicks never really impressed at the plate but has a stellar arm in the field. That means nothing unless he can prove that he can hit. Right now, Judge is showing that he can do both.

We assumed that Judge would get the starting spot since he spent time there last year and now we are more confident that not only will he start, but he’ll excel.