2. What should we do with Chase Headley?

Their take: With an overwhelming majority, the consensus is that Chase Headley will not spend all of 2017 with the Yankees. Sorry, Headley, you just don’t fit in with the plan of the future Yankees.

My take: Absolutely right. While Headley improved defensively this season, the Yankees have so much talent coming up that he would soon be pushed out of a starting position anyway. Miguel Andujar is already turning heads and Jorge Mateo could even make a run at third base.

There’s no point in keeping Headley if they have some younger players willing to come up and perform. Many thought Headley would be gone come next season and they are right. However, I think the Yankees will try to make a move for him at the deadline, especially if he’s still got value.

Headley is a great character and leader in the clubhouse but his on-field play is not something fans are excited over. He’ll do fine wherever he ends up but right now the Yankees are focusing on the future. Headley likely will not be a part of that come the trade deadline.

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