1. Gardner vs. Ellsbury

Their take: Who should stay and who should go? If the Yankees had to choose one to part ways with, who would it be?

Well, the fans have spoken and Brett Gardner would stay…by only a slim margin.

My take: Gardner should stay. Jacoby Ellsbury may have boasted a better batting average last season (.263 to Gardner’s .261) but Gardner proved to be an asset in the field, winning his first career Gold Glove.

In addition, Gardner doesn’t seem to get injured as often as Ellsbury. Even though the two have played in the same number of games last season (148), Ellsbury missed time in previous seasons because of injury when Gardner did not. Being brittle makes it a little more difficult to trust.

Gardner may not have had his best season, but his inconsistencies weren’t as glaringly obvious as Ellsbury’s. My take is to keep the homegrown athlete you’ve developed if you had to choose.