Randy Levine made headlines with his insensitive comments. Now imagine what he thinks about these other topics regarding the New York Yankees.

The New York Yankees are in the news once again thanks to the snide and inappropriate comments made by Randy Levine regarding Dellin Betances. Oops, I mean “Dylan.”

It’s spring training. Can’t we just all get along?

Apparently not. With Levine discrediting Betances’ role in the bullpen and claiming he never deserved that money he asked for, he turned off a lot of Yankees fans. He actually made himself an enemy in the eyes of the fans while claiming to be a professional.

Without thinking before speaking, Randy Levine put a target on his back and possibly ruined the Yankees relationship with the dominant set-up man. Oh well, that’s just Levine for you.


Levine’s asinine comments have opened up Pandora’s box for fans. If he thinks that about Betances, one of the best relievers in his first three seasons, I can only imagine what he would think about some of these other dominant Yankees.

And imagine I did. If we could read Randy Levine’s mind, here’s what he probably thinks, but won’t say, about these other topics regarding the New York Yankees, otherwise known as “alternate facts.”

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