Gay boxer Yusaf Mack beats down Twitter tormentor (video)
Gay boxer Yusaf Mack beats down online tormentor

Openly gay boxer Yusaf Mack met up with a Twitter troll in real life – and put hands and feet on him.

Yusaf Mack may best be known for being a professional prizefighter out of Philadelphia, PA. He’s known to others for being the openly gay boxer who decided to come out after a scandalous tape made rounds a few years back.

However you know him, he wants to make one thing clear: he isn’t here for personal attacks on his sexual orientation.

Mack, 37, laid a beatdown on a man whom he claims had been tormenting him on social media. TMZ posted video of the 43-second barbershop brawl.

TMZ Sports confirmed paramedics were called to the L A Clippers shop in Philadelphia Saturday evening … after Mack wailed on the man in front of customers and employees. Witnesses tell us Mack attacked the dude while the victim’s head was in a sink in the middle of a wash. Mack tells us he got sick and tired of the online harassment and decided to confront the guy face-to-face. Mack is unapologetic and says the guy got what he deserved.

– TMZ Sports