Joe Girardi was a member of the 1996 World Champion Yankees and at his first press conference almost 21 years later, he compared the 2017 squad to that very same team.

That’s an easy comparison as, just like in ’96, the organization was experiencing the rise of its core led by Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and Bernie Williams along with several veteran pieces like Darryl Strawberry, Wade Boggs and Paul O’Neill — just to name a few.

Now, it’s Bird, Austin, Severino, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and others on the way mixing with Brett Gardner, Matt Holliday, CC Sabathia and Jacoby Ellsbury.

Given the fact that the Yankees have not won a postseason game since the 2012 American League Division Series, Girardi better hope his comparison holds some truth as his contract enters its expiration year.