1. John Elway was the Yankees number one prospect in 1983

Yup, that John Elway. The Denver Broncos football legend was highly ranked in the Yankees farm system before he decided to go another direction.

Didn’t know that? Don’t worry, not many people did.

Elway was originally drafted by the New York Yankees in the 1981 MLB draft and played part-time with them. He was also selected in 1983 NFL draft by the Baltimore Colts. While talented at both, Elway had a real shot to make a difference for the Yankees.

There are several athletes that play multiple sports, but it is extremely unlikely that one could be as dominant at both as Elway was. In 42 games with a small team affiliate of the Yankees, he slashed a .318/.432/.464 line with 25 RBIs.

While it’s a small sample size, it showed promise for what could have been with Elway.

Prospects are great on the outside, but if we take a chance to learn a little bit more, we might be pleasantly surprised.

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