4. Mariano Rivera was never trained as a pitcher

The Sandman turned out to be the best reliever that baseball has ever seen. However, he didn’t start out that way.

When he was signed on an amateur Yankees contract in 1990, Rivera had no formal training as a pitcher. However, scouts saw him as a talent that could easily have success in the major leagues.

Rivera, who played in an amateur league as a shortstop, was called in to pitch in relief during a playoff game. And thus, the Sandman was born.

Obviously, after heading over to the United States from his home country of Panama, Rivera worked on his improving his pitching. After failing as a starter, his shift to the bullpen worked out for the Yankees for years.

So just remember, kids. If you try something by mistake and are good at it, there is still hope for you! Just ask the greatest closer of all-time.

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