It has become quite clear that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are the most fortunate player and team in Super Bowl history.

Do you understand the probability of the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl LI when the fourth quarter began?

Of course, you don’t. Nor do you care because, quite honestly, no number or stat could actually equate to the understanding of how improbable the Pats 34-28 overtime victory was on Sunday night.

Alright, so perhaps a graph will do some justice:

Even still, the number of things that had to occur for the spectacular to occur simply boggles the mind.

Boggling the mind more is the fact that this always seems to happen for the Patriots.

Robert Kraft’s organization — one that was destined to leave the New England area prior to Bill Parcells’s arrival — has welcomed break after break in the big game. Forget the big game, they’ve been equipped with football’s version of a guardian angel since Charles Woodson beared down on a young Tom Brady nearly two decades ago in the snow.

Obviously, nothing should be taken away from the champs. Brady and Bill Belichick are probably the only quarterback-coach duo could have taken advantage of such fortunes in Houston. This single feat is one of remarkable fashion.

Still, the luck these two have experienced over the course of 17 seasons is nothing short of sickening.

Today, we recall and breakdown these incredible fortunes that have morphed Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as the most fortunate team in Super Bowl history.











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