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Taylor Gabriel absolutely destroys Malcolm Butler’s ankles (Video)

While breaking free on a 35 yard gain in Super Bowl LI, Taylor Gabriel wrecked havoc upon Malcolm Butler’s ankles. 

As if this miserable effort by the New England Patriots wasn’t enough for Pats’ fans, they now have to send their condolences to Malcolm Butler’s ankles.

With the Atlanta Falcons up 21-3 in Super Bowl LI, Matt Ryan connected with Taylor Gabriel for 35 a yard gain, but the big highlight came on how Gabriel broke free.

The three-year pro faked a cut towards the sideline then swiftly jolted back towards the right hash mark causing the hero of Super Bowl XLIX to look something like this:

To cap off that same drive, Ryan connected with running back Tevin Coleman for a six-yard touchdown to put Atlanta up 28-3 in what is a miserable Super Bowl effort by Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Just to reiterate: rest in piece, Malcolm Butler’s ankles. You will be missed.