2. Brien Taylor

Here we go with another devastating injury story that ends a once-promising career. With pitcher Taylor, the injury occurred off the field.

Taylor was ranked the number one prospect in baseball by Baseball America prior to the 1992 season. The number one pick in the 1991 draft was supposed to be the next great ace. That is, until, he injured his arm in a fistfight defending his brother.

The injury was downplayed at first until the doctors informed Taylor that his injury might have been far more sinister to his career. Taylor took some time off but made his way back to the minors in 1995, where he lost several miles per hour off his fastball.

Taylor tried but there was no way he could reclaim the hype that surrounded him during his early years. He could have been great but family became something far more important.

It’s sad to see a prospect fall so far, especially when they have all the promise in the world. Ever since his failed stint with the Yankees, it was all downhill for him.

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