3. Eric Duncan

My, how the mighty have fallen. Duncan was ranked the top Yankees prospect by Baseball America in 2005 only to fall flat before even reaching the Bronx spotlight.

Duncan was originally a third baseman but took a chance at first base, due to the signing of Alex Rodriguez. Selected in 2003, the Yankees had high hopes of his contribution to a World Championship team.

However, a trip to the Bronx just wasn’t in the cards for this stud infielder. Duncan’s career was marred by injuries that kept him sidelined numerous times in his seven years in the Yankees minor league system. Even so, he still managed to secure the Arizona Fall League MVP award in 2006.

Duncan never made it to the Bronx, but he still found his way back to the Yankees organization after being cut in 2009. For the past two seasons, Duncan has served as a hitting instructor for the Single-A Tampa Yankees.

Knowing he never made it due to circumstances beyond his control makes it that much worse. However, it seems that despite Duncan’s once-promising career ending early, he still has found a way to get back into the game.