NBA All-Star starters have been announced, so we break down who the likely reserves project to be on each team.

For those of you who watch basketball on a nightly basis, this is the list of players that should feature as the reserves for the NBA All-Star Game.

Unfortunately, those fans who go out and vote every day don’t really watch the games and just check the box for Stephen Curry or Zaza Pachulia.

Here is the list of the players who should get voted in as the all-star reserves.

Western Conference


Russell Westbrook:

I mean come on, this guy should be starting, but all of Steph Curry’s 13-year-old fan base went out and voted for him. Westbrook is averaging over 30 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists per game. Those are NBA2K numbers and he is arguably the MVP up to this point.

Damian Lillard:

Lillard is averaging 26.2 points, 5.9 assist and 4.8 rebounds per contest. If it wasn’t for his state farm commercials he may be one of the greatest unknown all-stars in the league. Playing in a small market like Portland makes him less recognizable than some other stars, but the 26-year-old has had a terrific season. The Trail Blazers are a game out of the last playoff spot and he is the reason they can even smell contention.

Klay Thompson:

He’s replacing Chris Paul (injury) but deserves an all-star nod this year just out of the need for a shooting guard/small forward. He is a shooter who doesn’t do much else. His defense is over-rated and his other stats aren’t dominant. However, his shooting is elite and in the NBA there aren’t many other guards to consider for the team this year. If Chris Paul didn’t get hurt, Klay would be the loan star player on the Golden State team that gets left out.

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