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Chicago Cubs visit White House to celebrate 2016 World Series title

President Barack Obama says that he is the Chicago Cubs number one fan during the Cubs visit to the White House.

Just four days before Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, the Chicago Cubs visited the White House on Monday to celebrate their 2016 World Series title.

It’s the first time that the Cubs have visited the White House since 1888. The visit was moved up so that President Barack Obama, who is from Chicago, would still be president during the visit according to Gregory Korte of USA Today. Obama is a fan of the Chicago White Sox but was rooting for the Cubs after the White Sox failed to make the playoffs.

“I will say to the Cubs, it took you long enough,” Obama said. “I mean I only have four days left. You’re just making it under the wire. I can’t claim that I have the same just visceral joy of some in this White House. Even though it will be hard to wear a jersey, do know that among Sox fans, I am the Cubs’ number one fan.”

The Cubs gave the 44th President a number 44 jersey, a 44 tile from the Wrigley Field scoreboard, a signed “W” flag, and a lifetime pass to Wrigley for the Obama family, according to Cash Kruth of MLB.com. He also got a gray road jersey that just said Chicago on the front. Obama said the gifts were the best swag that he has gotten as president.

Now the Cubs and White Sox will be fighting to be the team that Obama roots for the most.

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