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Russell Wilson tripped by own lineman for safety (Video)

In a sudden change of events for the Seattle Seahawks, their drive didn’t exactly end the way they wanted.

After all-time great special teams player, Devin Hester, returned a punt for 79 yards putting his team inside the 10-yard line the Seattle Seahawk’s thought they had all control of the game.

Unfortunately the events that transpired during and after the play quickly changed that.

After a crucial holding call on one of the linemen on the punt team, instead of starting on the Atlanta 10-yard line, they started on their own 10-yard line.

After a loss of a yard on a run, quarterback Russell Wilson on the very next play would be embarrassed by his own center.

Wilson would be tripped right into the opposing touchdown resulting in a safety quickly shifting momentum towards Atlanta side.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a play like this happen. As all New York Jets fans can recall the famous “Butt Fumble,” where quarterback Mark Sanchez ran right into his own center behind, forcing a fumble leading to a touchdown.

It will be intriguing to see if this play has a huge impact on the game but for now, it is certainly crushing to the Seahawks, but pleasing to all the Atlanta fans.