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ESNY’s New York Yankees’ prospect Q&A: Terrance Robertson

Terrance Robertson is an outfield prospect in the New York Yankees organization with a great amount of potential and a bright future ahead of him.

Terrance Robertson was drafted by the New York Yankees with their selection in the 12th round of the 2015 MLB Draft. He is a left-handed outfielder from Valley Vista High School in Surprise, Arizona.

The 20-year-old has spent two partial seasons within the Yankees organization splitting time between New York’s Gulf Coast League affiliates.

In 2016, the left-handed hitter played in 38 games between the GCL Yankees East and GCL Yankees West where he slashed .250/.387/.302 with 13 stolen bases.

Robertson was nice enough to take some time out of his offseason schedule and conduct a Q&A with Elite Sports NY.

Patrick Hennessy: The New York Yankees selected you in the 12th round of the 2015 MLB Draft, what was the feeling like when you found out?

Terrance Robertson: I was actually sleeping when the Yankees selected me but when I got that phone call my heart was beating fast of excitement and bless. My dream had finally turned into a reality thanks to one of the best organization in MLB history!

Patrick Hennessy: What adjustments do you feel you made to your game as you transitioned straight from high school to the minor leagues? How do you feel Valley Vista HS helped prepare you for this transition?

Terrance Robertson: As my career began I notice that the game (minor league) was much faster from high school baseball so I talk/communicated with teammates to help understand how to slow my mind down / slow the game down to my pace. Valley Vista helped with transition by putting me in tough situations during the season which really made me focus on slowing the game down and helping my relax.

Patrick Hennessy: Was there a player you attempted to emulate and look up to as a youngster?

Terrance Robertson: Yes, Corey Ray! Me and this guy grew up together in the same environment and to see all the success he had coming from to Chicago and going to Louisville dominating, made me emulate and wanting to have the success like him because if he can do it from the same struggles I know I can do it.

Patrick Hennessy: You have spent time in all three outfield positions within the past two seasons, is there a spot where you feel most comfortable in?

Terrance Robertson: Honestly I’m comfortable in all three spots but if I was to pick a certain spot I will choose center field!


Patrick Hennessy: Have you encountered any teammates within the past two years in the organization that you think Yankee fans should keep a lookout for?

Terrance Robertson: Yes, my teammate Deshorn Lake! He just came off a knee surgery last season, and had a helluva comeback season on the mound this year. Got put in the game in tough situations and helped us close many games out this year.

Patrick Hennessy: Has there been an opposing pitcher in particular that has stood out to you the most for their talent?

Terrance Robertson: Yes there’s have been a couple of opposing pitcher that stood out for their talent ! Not really sure what’s there names are but I could say they were really athletic and able to control the game due to their command of their pitches.

Patrick Hennessy: Is there an aspect of your game that you take the most pride in and consider it your best asset?

Terrance Robertson: I take every aspect in my game with the most pride but my best aspect I consider my best asset to my game defense and being able to place my bunts anywhere on the field.

Patrick Hennessy: Have you ever been able to visit Yankee Stadium before?

Terrance Robertson: No I never visit the Yankees Stadium unfortunately but I will soon! That’s actually been a must do thing I been wanting to do since I was a child.

Patrick Hennessy: How do you spend most of your time during the offseason?

Terrance Robertson: Most of my offseason I mainly spend time on getting stronger, getting better each and every day to make this upcoming season better than last year season!

Patrick Hennessy: Do you have any specific goals in mind as you look forward to next season?

Terrance Robertson: Next season my main goal is to work hard, get out of GCL and start full season baseball.

Patrick Hennessy: If there was one thing you had to let Yankee fans know about you, what would it be?

Terrance Robertson: One thing I will say is that this a growing process coming out straight out of high school but look out, the best of Terrance have yet to come!

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