Prediction #8: John Ryan Murphy makes triumphant return

This prediction is mainly for me. Ever since John Ryan Murphy was traded to the Minnesota Twins, we’ve been dying to have him back for one particular reason.

When the Yankees make the playoffs and are in the center of a champagne-soaked celebration in the Yankees’ clubhouse, a side door will burst open. Silence trickles through the clubhouse like a wave, as realization reaches the eyes of the celebrating players.

A smirk slowly forms on the face of Brett Gardner. He’s back.

John Ryan Murphy walks in dramatically, takes a swig of his coveted Chandon and promptly announces, “It’s time to party!”

Then he gives the most memorable speech in Yankees history. Okay, second only to Lou Gehrig’s famous “Luckiest Man” speech. Thank you, John Ryan Murphy, for embarrassing yourself on live TV for our entertainment.

Oh, you were expecting a Gary Sanchez prediction? Sorry, but he’ll hit 20 home runs in 20 games. There!

A girl can dream, right? This is what the fans want to see so, Yankees, let’s make it happen!