Prediction #7: Yankees make more On-Demand commercials and Brett Gardner’s spot is nominated for an Emmy.

Brett Gardner won the Gold Glove last season, so why not go for the next best thing? An Emmy?

The chances of the Yankees making more On-Demand commercials are like a Gary Sanchez bomb: extremely likely. This time, though, they won’t be sorry spots like the spoof of The Sandlot or the Baby Bombers play date.

No, these commercials will be something that makes fans laugh out of pure humor, not out of awkwardness. They will be commercials we’ll watch for years to come, not ones that make us cringe.

And Gardner, of all Yankees, will be the one to nab the YES Network a coveted Emmy award. He acts like he’s a serious guy on the field, but we know, deep-down, he’s hilarious.