Prediction #1: CC Sabathia starts a bench-clearing brawl

The big man has been pretty quiet since his return to the diamond last season, but this is the season where he might get his fists dirty.

We all saw the hunger (and laughter) in his eyes when the Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays duked it out last season. With Josh Donaldson on his mind, Sabathia will start a brawl just so he can get a shot at the hot-headed former MVP.

Do I condone fights? Not at all. But each season there is always one, even in an organization as classy as the Yankees. Tempers flare and emotions run high.

Sabathia being an emotional player makes it all the more likely. That, and he was clearly calling out Donaldson in their last brawl.

All right, CC. Show ’em who’s boss.