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Tom Brady has officially connected to social media with a grand entrance (Video)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady seems to be stepping foot into the social media world, with a grand entrance on Saturday.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has never been an outgoing person when it comes to sharing his personal life on social media, but it appears the new times are growing on the quarterback.

Brady held a homemade press conference on Facebook to announce he has finally joined the Instagram community. This received a very positive reaction from the quarterback’s diehard fanbase.

The 39-year old clearly went all out to make his huge announcement, setting a countdown and he even set out hats for each social media outlet and announced he would be joining Instagram. It wasn’t as dramatic as LeBron James‘ “The Decision”, but we’ll take it.

Brady wasted no time in posting his first picture, featuring him standing outside in the snow with the caption, “You can take the boy out of California… and I think they took the California out of the boy!”

Nontheless, this is a new Tom Brady we are witnessing, it is time for the playoffs and he is simply worried about making an Instagram.

This is certainly a case of an old-school player adapting to the new-school world, who knows, maybe Peyton Manning is next.