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New York Yankees: Mel Stottlemyre in much better condition after recent health scare

Former New York Yankees pitcher Mel Stottlemyre‘s health has improved and has returned to his home after a brief stay in the hospital.

Former New York Yankees pitcher Mel Stottlemyre has returned to his home after recently being hospitalized due to a bad reaction to his chemotherapy medicine.

Stottlemyre’s wife Jean told the New York Daily News on Friday that her husband is “getting closer to being back to normal.”

The former Yankee announced in 2000 that he had been diagnosed with myeloma, a cancer of the blood marrow. The news was recently brought back to the attention of Yankee fans when his Stottlemyre’s son wrote on Facebook that his father was “fighting for his life.”

According to his wife, it was not the cancer that put Mel in the hospital, but it was caused by a bad reaction to his medicine that could have done more harm than it did.

Apparently, the antibiotics he took caused his blood pressure to drop drastically to the point of his life being endangered. Thankfully he returned to normal levels after being stabilized in the hospital.

It is certainly great news to hear that Mel is in much better condition and is home regaining his health and spending time with his family.