New York Yankees’ prospect Clint Frazier was a stud football player in high school (Video)

All New York Yankees fans know about Clint Frazier, but what many don’t know is that he was a star football player in high school.

New York Yankees‘ top prospect Clint Frazier has made waves throughout the baseball world due to not only his talent, but his work ethic as well. What many may not know about him is that he was a star football player while attending high school.

This highlight video surfaced on Twitter Friday night and was even retweeted by Frazier himself. According to the tweet, the red-headed slugger led the county in all-purpose yards with 8,788 and had multiple games where he rushed for more than 300 yards.

It is very interesting to see how successful the outfielder was as a football player and goes to show how much of a well-rounded athlete he truly is.

Clint Frazier is a name Yankee fans should remember for years to come and not only for his amazing talent, but for his larger-than-life personality as well.