Cleveland Cavaliers stick it to Golden State Warriors with LeBron James poster (Photo)

The Cleveland Cavaliers brilliantly stuck it to the Golden State Warriors with a LeBron James poster prior to their Christmas Day matchup.

The Drive, The Fumble, The Block. 

What LeBron James did last spring in the NBA Finals was something that added to Cleveland’s history in a reversal-type fashion. He snuffed out Andre Iguodala‘s shot brilliantly, leading to a Kyrie Irving 3-point shot for the ages.

Now, with the teams meeting for the first time since Game 7, the night the Cavs brought home the city’s first title in over five decades, a nice little stick job went down.

Check out the photo above. The Cavs decided to throw up a poster of The Block near the entrance to the Dubs locker room at the Quicken Loans Arena. Not only was the photo present, but the championship ring was photoshopped onto LeBron’s left hand.

As far as the game is concerned, The Warriors lead the Cavs by seven after three-quarters of play.

H/T Twitter, @twithersAP