ESNY’s New York Yankees prospect profile: Freicer Perez
Photo courtesy of Pinstriped Prospects

In this edition of ESNY’s New York Yankees Prospect Profile, we take a look at right-handed pitcher Freicer Perez.

Last offseason, the New York Yankees did not take aim at any major league free agents, however, they did spend a bit of money internationally.

Dominican-born Freicer Perez was signed to a deal worth only $10,000, who has turned into one of the most promising pitchers in their system.

The right-hander currently stands at 6-foot-8 while weighing only 190 pounds, meaning that his frame only has room to expand and could make him even more of a dangerous pitcher.

Perez has a tool belt which consists of a lights-out fastball as well as a slider, change-up, and a curveball. His key pitch is his fastball which usually sits at 94-97 m.p.h. and has even touched 99.

His changeup and curveball are his next top pitches, which have a huge amount of potential behind them while he is still working on a slider which could give him all the tools to become a solid major league starter.

Take a look at what scouts have to say about the rest of his skills:

Scouting grades via MLB PipelineFastball: 70 / Curveball: 45 / Changeup: 50 / Control: 50 / Overall: 45

As seen by the grades, scouts have only given Brewer one above average rating and that is for his fastball. His fastball usual sits between 92 – 95 m.p.h. but has peaked at 96. It is his best pitch that scouts feel could be his key to the majors.

The 20-year old’s first season within the Yankees organization came in 2015 where he spent time with the Dominican Summer League Yankees as just a teenager and did not disappoint.

In his debut season, Perez went 7-3 with a 3.23 ERA and 68 strikeouts in just 15 starts. From this spectacular debut, the Yankees realized that this kid from the Dominican Republic has a massive amount of potential.

Perez spent his 2016 campaign with the Bomber’s Single-A affiliate Staten Island Yankees where he encountered a slight setback. In 13 starts, the right-hander went 2-4 with a 4.47 ERA and 49 strikeouts. These numbers are down from his 2015 season, but it is most likely just from him adjusting to pitching in the United States for the first time.

If all goes as it should for the 20-year old, he has the potential to be a middle of the rotation starter with an arsenal that will be feared by every major league hitter. As he gets older and bulks up, his pitches will become even more dominant and he will benefit drastically.

However, it will be a while until Yankees fans see the right-hander in the Bronx since MLB Pipeline suggests that he will not receive his call-up until 2019. This should be perfect timing for the Bombers since this is when they plan on competing, and Perez could prove to be a vital asset.


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