10. Miami Heat

  • Original Pick: Justise Winslow (Duke)
  • Redraft Pick: Stanley Johnson (Arizona)

If anyone can get Stanley Johnson under control, it’s Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra. He’s not on the Justise Winslow level as a defender, but Johnson is the type of prospect Miami covets. He’s versatile and bursting with potential. Just because it’s not working right now in Detroit doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have worked in Miami. Sometimes it’s all about the fit.

11. Indiana Pacers

  • Original Pick: Myles Turner (Texas)
  • Redraft Pick: Trey Lyles (Kentucky)

Trey Lyles is a modern NBA big man. He can stretch the floor with his shooting and runs the floor well for someone who’s 6-foot-10. Lyles has been solely a spot-up shooter during his short career. If he develops, Lyles can be a real threat off anyone’s bench.

12. Utah Jazz

  • Original Pick: Trey Lyles (Kentucky)
  • Redraft Pick: Josh Richardson (Tennessee)

After what Josh Richardson showed the league last season he wouldn’t go undrafted again. Richardson has proven himself a legitimate threat on defense and a knockdown three-point shooter. The Jazz play the slowest pace in the league so they could use as many shooters as they can get in the half court, and Richardson would fit right in on Utah’s top-10 defense.

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