Heisman winner Lamar Jackson hangs out with Johnny Manziel (Photo)

Only big tings for this kid ?

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Following his reception of the Heisman trophy, Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson spent some time with Johnny Manziel.

Lamar Jackson, a quarterback from Louisville, was awarded with the legendary Heisman trophy on Saturday night. Who better to celebrate the moment with than former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel?

Manziel received the same honor in 2012, where he became the first freshman to receive the award. Following this, his career seemingly went on a downward spiral. Hopefully the same does not happen with our most recent recipient.

The two wound up hanging out due to Manziel receiving an invitation to the ceremony — since he is a past winner and, of course, is going to hang out and party after.

Lamar had 30 touchdowns in 2016 as well as 3,390 yards under his belt, making him well-deserving of becoming the youngest winner in the history of the award at the remarkable age of 19.