Orlando Magic (7-11)

Frank Vogel is one of the best head coaches in the NBA. He was a great hire and already turned around the team’s defense. In his first season, they’re sixth in defensive efficiency and seventh in opponent’s effective field goal percentage (metric that accounts for the fact that a three is worth more than a two).

The Magic are on this list because they can’t score. They’re 29th in offensive efficiency, field goal percentage, and three-point percentage through 18 games.

Their rotation loaded with big men hasn’t worked out well. Aaron Gordon at small forward has been a disaster and Nikola Vucevic is putting up his worst numbers since his rookie season.

Gordon’s potential varies depending on who you talk to but right now he should still be in their future plans. Vucevic is great trade bait. He’s 26-years-old and signed for two more seasons on a reasonable deal.

Serge Ibaka‘s name will probably come up at the trade deadline too. Trading him would be a mistake. Ibaka’s been excellent this season, and Orlando gave away Victor Oladipo for him. A former vital part of their future.

Chip Murphy covers the NBA for Elite Sports NY. You can find him on Twitter @ChipperMurphy.