Sacramento Kings (7-11)

DeMarcus Cousins, Willie Cauley-Stein, and Rudy Gay have all been the subject of trade rumors in Sacramento.

A massive rebuild might not be what new head coach Dave Joerger signed up for, but I doubt he wants to be the latest coach to get canned in the Boogie Cousins era.

The Kings need to think ahead. When Cousins is a free agent at the end of next season, what reason could they possibly give him to stay? All he’s experienced there has been losing.

There are two options Sacramento has if they chose the route of calculated intentional losing.

  1. Trade Boogie and blow things up. The return should be tremendous for an elite player in his prime.
  2. Trade Gay and WCS for picks and rebuild with new young guys around Boogie.

Option 1 is the way to go. The trade dance has gone on long enough between the Kings and Cousins. Move him already. Preferably to Boston so you can get one of those Nets picks.

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