1. Derek Jeter – SS
  2. Alex Rodriguez – 3B
  3. Babe Ruth – RF
  4. Lou Gehrig – 1B
  5. Mickey Mantle – CF
  6. Joe DiMaggio – LF
  7. Roger Maris – DH
  8. Yogi Berra – C
  9. Robinson Cano – 2B

When a manager — probably Joe McCarthy — has Yogi Berra batting eighth and Robinson Cano rounding out the order, let’s just say they are living the dream. The 3-4-5 tandem of Ruth-Gehrig-Mantle would be a sight to see, with DiMaggio and Maris doing secondary cleanup work in the sixth and seventh spots. This is not to mention the top of the order, featuring Jeter and A-Rod doing the table-setting.

Want a pinch-hitter late in the game (not that you would need one)? How about Reggie Jackson, Bill Dickey, Don Mattingly, and Bernie Williams as viable options.

Yes, it would be difficult to envision a loss out of this group.