On a team with the prestige of this one, it is perfectly fair to throw three starting pitchers in the bullpen, especially when you consider what they accomplished in their individual careers. Most times, you would not see Lopat, Stottlemyre, or Pennock enter a game, with either Ford, Gomez, Ruffing, Guidry, or Pettitte handing it off to the setup men. However, they are beautiful insurance policy.

Righetti gets a share of the seventh inning due to his dominance as New York’s closer from 1984-1990, with Lyle and his more stifling filth taking a more prominent role.

Once you make it to the eighth inning, you know your team is something special. Goose Gossage is perfecting setup duties, bridging the gap to the greatest closer of all-time.

Enter Sandman. Mariano Rivera, his 652 career saves, and 0.70 postseason ERA can then trot in from right-center field and do the rest, most likely breaking a few bats, inducing a couple of fits, and ultimately slamming the door without a hitch.