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Three Teams The New York Yankees Could Deal Brett Gardner To

Peter G. Aiken-USATSI
Peter G. Aiken-USATSI

Being the most probable member of the New York Yankees to be dealt this offseason, here are the teams that could use outfielder Brett Gardner.

The most underrated member of the New York Yankees, Brett Gardner, may be the next veteran out and if you think a team won’t be interested, you’re straight up wrong.

Since 2008, the speedster has the fifth-highest on-base percentage among AL outfielders, has just been nominated for a gold glove, and constantly gives his all as soon as he steps between the lines.

Unfortunately, the 32-year old is not the future. Clint Frazier, the organization’s No. 1 prospect, is knocking on the door and it should be in general manager Brian Cashman’s best interest to bring over a starting pitcher for Gardner’s services.

Which teams are a fit, though? Sure it’s simple to shout and scream “TRADE HIM TRADE HIM” yet looking into who may be in the running or even need a guy like Gardner is eye-opening as many teams could, in fact, use the slick-fielding speedster.

ESNY broke down the three most fitting candidates. Without further adieu, here are the three teams (in no particular order) that would love to add Brett Gardner to their 25-man roster.