While the New York Yankees didn’t make the Fall Classic this season, they have plenty to pick up from this match-up for next year.

The New York Yankees haven’t been to the World Series since 2009 and have had high hopes ever since. Falling short of the playoffs in the past few seasons, the Yankees are lacking a solution to their recent playoff woes.

And that’s where the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs come in.

Throughout this entire postseason, these teams have shown dominance in every facet of the game. These teams have taken the sport of baseball and made it interesting again, just like every team should do.

Here are four examples of what the Yankees should take away from watching this season’s World Series:


  1. Allison once again you missed some various obvious things with some of the good things you mentioned. Avoid Big name stars….then Andrew Miller and Chapman should not have been traded for right…. those were TWO OF THE BIGGEST NAMES AVAILABLE!!! Play the youngsters …yes to a point BUT there is absolutely no guarantee that any of them will become the players we think they will and can become. WHEN/IF will Judge learn how to hit a breaking ball? Do you think Sanchez is going to hit 50 homers next year. Greg Bird has had less than a year in the big leagues and has been out a year. Does he just pick up the pace again? There are a zillion things that OFTEN go wrong with young unproven talent!!! So, instead of taking this year’s results and making them absolutes, it is better to simply acknowledge the FACT there are many ways to win. From where the Yankees are now, they SHOULD bring in a impact bat to supplement their young talent and provide insurance against a myriad of issues facing every young hitter. Then they need to sign a another BIG NAME reliever and team him with Betances and Severino to recreate the monster bullpen they had at the beginning of the year. They should also trade Mccain and gardner for pitching. Building a monster bullpen with stable starters and a dynamic offense NOT completely dependent on un proven talent, is the right course for THIS team. Final word about adding a veteran bat is that it will help accelerate the youth movement by taking some of the pressure off the kids. That is what “Big Poppy” did for Boston when they brought up all there talented young players.

    • Kevin, thanks so much for your feeback! With big name stars, there’s a difference between Miller, Chapman and those who are eating up massive amounts of money while not performing. Beltran and A-Rod, especially recently, fell under that category.
      Unproven talent is certainly a big concern, but taking away from these two World Series teams is the fact that the Yankees shouldn’t be so quick to give up on prospects if they don’t perform right away. Sure, they can, and probably will, struggle because that’s just the game of baseball. But they have to realize they can’t give up right away.
      Veteran bats are good but it has to be a leader, which they’ve been lacking for a while.