Philadelphia 76ers Fan Shows The Utmost Class Towards Russell Westbrook (Video)

Welcome to Philly, Russell Westbrook.

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All Philly fans are brutal, but this one Philadelphia 76ers fan, in particular, displays a unique sense of love towards Russell Westbrook.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook finished his team’s opening night win over the Philadelphia 76ers with 32 points, 12 rebounds, nine assists, and two flagrant birds thrown in his direction.

Check out the video above, provided by SportsCenter via Instagram. One particular 76ers fan decided to not smoothly go into the night. He went all out for his ejection.

With 4:52 remaining in the first quarter and his team up nine, the fan went with the two-handed double-flip of the bird towards Westbrook (video above).

The man seemed to be shaking while performing the act. Violently shaking.

Anyway, like previously mentioned OKC took home the 103-97 win on opening night and the fan got booted from terrific seats before the first quarter concluded.

The NBA is back.

H/T Instagram, SportsCenter