Zane McIntyre Displays Tribute To Grandma Susie On Goalie Mask (Video)

Boston Bruins goaltender Zane McIntyre now owns the distinction of showcasing the best goalie mask tribute of all-time.

The man who now holds the distinction for showcasing the best tribute on a goalie mask is Boston Bruins goaltender Zane McIntyre. 

Check out the video above. McIntyre, a kid who’s making his first career NHL start on Wednesday night, at Madison Square Garden, has a tribute of his Grandma Susie on the back of his mask.

Grandma Susie was the family member who so often drove young McIntyre to his hockey games. She was known for sitting in the stands and drinking her Diet Coke, as NBC’s Doc Emrick so accurately noted.

I wonder if Coca-Cola gets a pop every time Grandma Susie’s tribute is shown on-air.

Anyway, as far as the game is concerned, McIntyre’s Bruins currently hold a 2-1 lead late in the second period after a Rick Nash power-play goal cut the New York Rangers deficit to just one.