1. Golden State Warriors — 67-15
  2. Los Angeles Clippers — 48-34
  3. Sacramento Kings — 38-44
  4. Phoenix Suns — 30-52
  5. Los Angeles Lakers — 22-60

There’s really not much left to say about the Warriors. They’re the favorites to win it all. They were already great then they added the game’s best scorer and made things unfair.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are free agents next summer. It’s likely that one of them won’t be back with the Clippers. One of them could even be traded during the season. The Clippers are returning with the same team that was ravaged by injuries and bounced in the first round last season.

The Kings are going to take some time to become winners. New head coach Dave Joerger will develop them into a legitimate playoff team. The Suns and Lakers are very young and in the early stages of a long rebuilding path.