Alex Rodriguez Does Not Enjoy Pete Rose’s Comments About Derek Jeter Inspiring Him (Video)

Former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez clearly didn’t enjoy Pete Rose‘s comments about Derek Jeter inspiring him.

Oh Charlie Hustle, you made it 10-times worse by offering the man a high-five. 

Check out the video above. In the MLB on Fox studio prior to the National League Championship Series Game 5 between the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers, Pete Rose said something that clearly got under the skin of Alex Rodriguez.

When speaking about Anthony Rizzo inspiring teammate Kris Bryant, baseball’s all-time hit king suggested that No. 2 (Derek Jeter) inspired A-Rod while with the Yankees.

While A-Rod brushed it off and said, “I love him,” the convo was extremely awkward from that moment on. And yes, that high-five is still a brutal play.

Rodriguez rebounded from it by also throwing the name of Ken Griffey Jr. into the mix.

Damn Pete, your mouth never stops. One could only imagine the convo off air.

H/T Twitter, @KennyDucey