Giant Fly Invades Calgary Flames-Edmonton Oilers Game (Video)

With the Calgary Flames hosting the Edmonton Oilers on Friday night, something extremely interesting took over the video.

Hockey is finally back, meaning the National Hockey League’s regular season has begun.

Everybody knows it. Canadians, Americans, Russians … even the flies know hockey is back in the swing of things. 

Now, the folks who were watching the Calgary Flames host the Edmonton Oilers on Friday night know the flies are aware.

Check out the video above. With the score knotted up at two and the second period winding down, fans from home were greeted with a giant fly crawling across the video camera lens.

This wasn’t an ordinary, usually scared fly either. This guy crawled from one side of the lens to the other in a slow, casual fashion.

As far as the actual game is concerned, the visiting Oilers currently hold a 3-2 lead during the early stages of the third period.

H/T Vine, CJZERO(2), Twitter, @TheCauldron