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New York Yankees’ Marketable Offseason Trade Pieces

Dellin Betances

This may be a little too bold, but may be the final move which will completely catalyze the future.

There is no denying Dellin Betances’ value to the New York Yankees. Over the past three years, he has established himself as one of the best three relievers in the American League.

Running out of gas at the end of 2016 was merely a case of overuse. The 28-year-old Brooklyn native simply had nothing left.

It was unfortunate; it really was. Now, the common Yankee fan thinks he is not closer material when, in reality, he is.

Whether it is pitching the seventh, eighth, or ninth, any team will move mountains for a man who has fanned 392 batters in 247 innings over his last three seasons, pitching to the tune of a 1.74 ERA in the process.

Possessing electrifying stuff, with incredible composure and fortitude, the 6’8″, 265 lb beast can bring back three or four top prospects considering the fact that he does not hit free agency until 2020.

If the Yankees attempt this move, it will be under one condition: they open their checkbooks for one or two top relievers in free agency this offseason.