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New York Yankees’ Marketable Offseason Trade Pieces

Austin Romine

Romine was one of the nicest surprises of 2016. Initially expected to be a backup catcher who provided some stellar defense, with a lack of a true bat, he basically ended up splitting time with Brian McCann in the first half.

In his first real opportunity in the bigs, he drove in 26 runs in 62 games, developing the reputation as a guy you can trust with an opposing left-hander on the mound.

His OPS (.725) was 174 points higher against lefties, raising his average 74 points (.274) against southpaws as well.

At the very least, he proved that he deserves an everyday catching opportunity. That will not happen in New York.

With Gary Sanchez’s unbelievable rise to stardom, he is destined to be in there every single day in 2017. Brian McCann is not going anywhere as well. The Yanks need his veteran presence to help Sanchez through growing pains, along with his expected further role as a more than capable backup catcher and powerful designated hitter.

If another team has a hole at the catching position, the Yankees can, and should, receive more than they think for the 27-year-old.