New York Yankees: CC Sabathia To Undergo Minor Knee Surgery
Wendell Cruz-USATSI

General Manager Brian Cashman has announced that New York Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia will have a routine cleanup of his knee. 

During Brian Cashman’s “State Of The New York Yankees” address on Wednesday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, he announced that CC Sabathia will undergo “minor” knee surgery.

The surgery was described as a “routine cleanup” and it’s highly unlikely that the lefty will miss any significant time.

Following his last start of 2016 against the Boston Red Sox, the 36-year-old completed his best season (3.91 ERA) since 2012.

One of the reasons — other than his diminished fastball — why Sabathia has struggled over the past three seasons (88 home runs surrendered since 2013) was due to a bone-on-bone arthritis in his right knee back in 2015.

He had been wearing a knee brace all season, and had once said he’ll need knee replacement surgery in the future. For now, however, a routine cleanup will do.