A Dallas Cowboys fan nailed team owner Jerry Jones in the head with a helmet he tossed down to have autographed.

Before the Dallas Cowboys defeated the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, owner Jerry Jones stopped to sign autographs as he entered the tunnel. It turned out to be a bad idea.

A fan launched a helmet from above that smacked Jones directly on his head. He dropped the two hats that followed, understandably.

Mortified security guards and stadium staff couldn’t do much besides throw a ‘seriously, dude?’ arm up at the perpetrator. This is except for the guy in the blue shirt, who looks like he’s fighting off a smile.

Jones appeared to take everything in stride, shrugging off the blow and continuing to sign autographs for fans. There’s also a chance he could’ve just been concussed.

This is the same Jerry Jones that supposedly wanted to draft Johnny Manziel. Maybe he needed a knock to the head.