Final Evaluation

Team Grade: B

Throughout everything, for this team to pull off 84-78 was exceptional. Staying right in the thick of things until the end provided fans with an exciting brand of baseball during a rebuilding phase for the organization.

Manager Grade: A

The Yankees were able to remain afloat and win 84 games because of their skipper, Joe Girardi. In his ninth year at the helm, he dealt with all of the rumors and sideshow in the best possible way and maximized his value. He effectively utilized the roster he was handed every single night and never let the team fall to a point where they were completely out of the hunt. This was Manager of the Year stuff.

Executive Grade: A

Brian Cashman wanted to do this all along, and he finally got his chance. He resurrected a franchise on a downwards trend and put his faith in Joe Girardi to continue fielding a winning team. Once he got the go-ahead from ownership, he revitalized the organization into what can potentially turn into the next dynasty. The Yankees now have seven of’s Top 100 prospects in their system — some have tasted the majors. Thank Cashman for that.

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