“No-Runs DMC” fortified the first half and won the Yankees some games they probably shouldn’t have won. As a product of the deadline fire sale, two-thirds of the three-headed monster were wearing different uniforms.

The bullpen, however, did not go on a downward spin as a result. In fact, with the acquisition of Tyler Clippard, they were better after August 1 … for the most part.

Dellin Betances simply ran out of gas down the stretch and blew arguably the most important game of the year in Boston.

When it was all said and done, the Yanks came in at 16th in major league baseball with a 3.67 bullpen ERA. Their specialty? Strikeouts, which they ranked third in (578).

The closing role is likely up for grabs as far as 2017 is concerned, but the bullpen, as a whole, held it together amidst changes in 2016.

Grade: C+