Starting Pitching

Tanaka dazzled all year, proving his ace status and keeping the rotation afloat. Pineda had one of the more confusing seasons in major league baseball history. Eovaldi was disappointing up until being pronounced out for 2016 and all of 2017. Sabathia was an extremely pleasant surprise. Most of all, Luis Severino completely flopped, proving time and time again that he is a reliever.

As a staff, the Yankees ranked 19th in baseball with a 4.44 ERA. In fact, none of their starting pitchers managed to toss a complete game this year. When the rotation came together, they spun off winning streaks. When everything fell apart, extended losing spells would be the name of the game.

Keyword: inconsistency.

Simply put, Brian Cashman needs to address this aspect of the team if he wants to see an improvement from the 84 total wins that were tallied.

Grade: C-