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The NHL Should Make Referees Wear Ref Cams (Video)

The NHL should take a note from the World Cup of Hockey and have the referees wear camera’s on their helmet in every game.

The World Cup of Hockey is now over since Team Canada won the final, to no surprise. One of the hottest talking points of the World Cup has been the ref cams and the NHL should absolutely implement them ASAP.

Some of the coolest angles from the World Cup of Hockey were from these ref cams. It looks like GoPro videos as these cameras are attached to the helmets of the referees.

For instance this moment from Team Canada and Team USA:

John Tavares making people look silly on ref cam is exactly what we need as hockey fans. Hockey is a sport always looking to expand to a larger group of people as it falls behind, baseball, football and basketball in popularity.

What’s a better way than to have refs skate around with cameras on their head that produce these interesting perspectives of seeing the game to target a new audience. It would be completely unique and should draw more attention to the sport.

Someone needs to get Gary Bettman on the horn and make this happen immediately.

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