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O’s Twitter Takes Shot At Playoff-less New York Yankees

With the New York Yankees being mathematically eliminated on Thursday, the Baltimore Orioles decided to poke some fun. 

Sheesh, O’s… You couldn’t wait until you actually clinched until making fun of the New York Yankees, a team that stands in your way of a postseason berth?

The Orioles on MASN Twitter account took it upon themselves to bash New York’s failure to reach the postseason for the third time in four years. 

After they took down the Blue Jays on Thursday night, the Yankees (83-76) were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

As much fun it is to deliver a low-blow to a divisional rival, it’s just as depressing to blow a postseason spot. Karma is a b**ch, Baltimore.

Anyway, regardless of the modern situation, the common baseball fan can agree that the Yankees’ organization is about to see prosperous times and possibly return to its glory days.

Even with being eliminated, New York will be fine knowing that the last time these two squared off in postseason baseball, this happened:

*featured image courtesy of Andy Marlin-USATSI*