Boston Red Sox Manager John Farrell To Heckler: ‘Why Don’t You Shut Your A** Up’

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell decided to give us internet gold when he told a heckler to shut his a** up.

“Why don’t you shut your ass up?” 

This was the question coming from Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell after he had just about enough out of a heckler at Yankee Stadium.

Apparently, Farrell wasn’t too enamored with the idea of the fan thinking he just put out a “B-Team” when the No. 2 seed is still up for grabs in the American League.

The Sox currently sit with a record of 92-67 as AL East Champs. They’re one game clear of the Cleveland Indians for the No. 2 seed and two games behind the Texas Rangers for home-field advantage throughout the entirety of the American League playoffs.

This fan understood the situation the Sox were in. I’m sure Farrell understood too.

It just so happened, he didn’t want to hear about it at this particular time on this particular night.

H/T Twitter, @DailySportsGeek